Scotus Super Spreader Event

A list of all the people who were infected after the Scotus (Amy Coney Barrett) Nomination event at the Rose Garden

Blog Post Date: Oct 5th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Nov 14th, 2020

Infected count as of November 14th - 52, Dead - 1


    1. Before Sep 26th: Crede Bailey, head of White House security office, hospitalized since late September.
    1. Saturday Sep 26th: Scotus Nomination event
    1. Sunday Sep 27th: Maskless Gold Star families event at White House
    1. Tuesday Sep 29th: Presidential debate in Cleveland
    1. Wednesday Sep 30th: $200,000/person charity dinner at owner’s home of Cambria countertops in Shoreview, MN.
    1. Wednesday Sep 30th: Rally in Duluth, Minnesota
    1. Thursday Oct 1st: Fund-raiser at Trump's New Jersey golf club
    1. Friday Oct 2nd: Trump admitted to Walter Reed
    1. Monday Oct 5th: Trump released from Walter Reed

People infected

    1. Hope Hicks (Oct 1st)
    1. President Trump (Oct 2nd)
    1. Melania Trump (Oct 2nd)
    1. Kellyanne Conway (Oct 2nd)
    1. Sen. Mike Lee (Oct 2nd)
    1. Sen. Thom Tillis (Oct 2nd)
    1. Ronna McDaniel (Oct 2nd)
    1. Notre Dame Pres. Jenkins (Oct 2nd)
  • 9 - 11. Three WH reporters (Oct 2nd) - Michael Shear is one of them
    1. Bill Stepien, Trump campaign mgr (Oct 3rd)
  • 13 - 23. Eleven staffers from Cleveland debate (Oct 3rd)
    1. Sen Ron Johnson (Oct 3rd)
    1. Chris Christie (Oct 3rd)
    1. Nick Luna (Oct 3rd)
    1. Claudia Conway (Oct 4th)
    1. Kaylie McEnany doesn't make any sense (Oct 5th)
  • 29 - 30. White House communications aides Chad Gilmartin and Karoline Leavitt (Oct 5th)
    1. Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California (Oct 5th)
  • 32 - 33. Two housekeepers test positive (Oct 5th)
    1. Reporter Michael Shear's wife (Oct 6th)
  • 35 - 36. Military aide (Coast Guard aide Jayna McCarron) and one of the president's valets, who came in contact with Trump (Oct 6th)
    1. Adm. Charles Ray, tested positive for coronavirus (Oct 6th)
    1. Assistant Press Secretary Jalen Drummond (Oct 6th)
    1. Stephen Miller (Oct 6th)
    1. Democratic Rep. Salud Carbajal, a California Democrat (infected after contact with Senator Lee) (Oct 6th)
  • 41 - 42. Two DC staffers in GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn’s office (Oct 7th) -- could be more because of the criminal GOP cover-up (Oct 6th)
    1. Marine Corps Assistant Commandant Gen. Gary Thomas (Oct 7th)
    1. The head of White House security office, Crede Bailey, is gravely ill with coronavirus and has been hospitalized since late September (Oct 7th, Patient 0?)
    1. A member of the White House press corps has received a preliminary positive result for COVID-19 (Oct 8th)
    1. GOP Rep. Mike Bost is latest member of Congress to positive for COVID-19 (Oct 9th)
  • 47 - 49. A teacher and two students at the school attended by children of Amy Coney Barrett, in Washington DC (Oct 9th)
    1. Secretary Scalia's wife Patricia Scalia has tested positive (Oct 13th)
    1. Barron Trump (was infected, now virus free?) (announced Oct 14th)
    1. Trump Evangelical Adviser, Bishop Harry Jackson (death announced Nov 9th due to COVID)
  • Other mid-level staffers have tested positive, too, in recent days.

Comments / Opinion

The more secretive they are, the more likely it is that Trump was Patient #0 and not Hope Hicks or Amy Coney Barrett. That is why they never reveal when Trump's last negative test was or why he came late for the debate (so as to avoid the mandatory testing) and also why they are refusing to initiate contact tracing for the SCOTUS Nomination event and subsequent events at the White House, like the Gold Star Families event.

People in Quarantine

  • 13 workers at a Minneapolis steakhouse were quarantining after the restaurant catered a private fundraiser attended by President Donald Trump during his visit to Minnesota last week, the restaurant said Monday
  • Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, along with almost the entirety of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are quarantining after being exposed to #COVID19, after Adm. Charles Ray, tested positive for coronavirus.

Nov 9th

Oct 14th

Oct 13th

Oct 9th

Oct 8th

Oct 7th

Oct 6th

Oct 5th

Oct 4th

Oct 3rd

Oct 2nd

Oct 1st


Oct 5th (Released from Walter Reed)

Oct 2nd (Trump flown to Walter Reed)

Oct 1st (NJ Fund Raiser where 206 people were present)

Sep 30th (Duluth rally, fund raiser - where 13 people from the caterer are now in quarantine)

Sep 27th (maskless Gold Star families event at WH)

People present include: Army Sec. Ryan McCarthy Air Force Sec. Barbara Barrett Dep Def Sec. David Norquist Sr enlisted advisor to Joint Chiefs chairman Gen. Berger, Marine commandant Gen. Raymond, Space Force chief

Sep 26th (Prayer rally, same day as SCOTUS Rose Garden event)